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A man reviewing retirement annuities
Greg Welborn

Dangers of Annuities in Retirement

Embarking on the journey of retirement requires a thoughtful approach, and understanding the role of annuities in retirement is paramount. As the financial landscape evolves,

Crash Proof Retirement Piggy Bank
Scott Sommers

The True “Crash Proof” Retirement

“Crash Proof” Retirement Several financial advisors offer “crash proof” retirement programs, and understandably it is an enticing offer. Who wouldn’t want a “crash proof” retirement?

First Financial Consulting will help you with understanding life insurance.
Greg Welborn

Understanding Life Insurance

The Purpose Of Life Insurance Financial planning naturally focuses on the things you want to accomplish.  What sometimes is missed is the fact that you

senior citizen reading about annuities
Greg Welborn

Seniors in the Crosshairs

Over the years we’ve seen several marketing trends and fads sweep through the securities business – some good, most bad. The worst ones typically are