Financial Planning Services

Why a Financial Plan?

At First Financial Consulting, we believe that financial success begins with a solid financial plan. That may seem obvious, but too many “financial planners” don’t put enough effort into developing a good plan. That’s why we created our own unique financial planning process that puts the needs of our clients at the forefront of pur financial planning services.

We stressed the need for a solid financial plan over 40 years ago. Back then you were hard-pressed to find financial planning advisors dedicated to developing a plan. Instead, the focus was on recommending which stocks, bonds, mutual funds or insurance products to buy. They wanted to sell a product and move on, and any planning was simply pre-sales hype.

We didn’t see it that way, and we still don’t. Our core belief is that you need a solid financial plan if you’re going to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Financial planning is not something set in stone; you will need to revise it regularly because it depends on your unique situation and phase of life. At First Financial Consulting, a successful retirement begins with a strong financial plan. The moments of today determine the years of tomorrow.

Our Success is Your Success

When taking a trip somewhere, you usually look at a map. 40 years ago, paper maps were the norm, but today we use Google and other digital alternatives. Regardless, everyone understands that you need to plan your route.

This also applies to the financial planning process. You need to have a solid understanding of where you are, where you want to go, and what the options are. From there, you factor in costs, time, other resources or restrictions, and you come up with the best way to achieve your financial goals. You can also get started with our financial planners online when you schedule a complimentary meeting.

Custom to You

Today among many financial planners, there is a tendency to use prepackaged software programs to plug in a few numbers and print out a canned plan to start the sales process.

Many of these plans appear solid; the software developers have loaded them with charts and graphs, colors and pictures—but it’s more or less just a gateway to sales.

It’s Your Journey—Not Someone Else’s

The quality of your financial plan is determined by how accurately it reflects the details of your actual situation and your specific goals, and whether it offers realistic solutions. We do not believe that any “canned” program can accurately reflect who you are.

No canned program can provide the wisdom we’ve built up over 40+ years of experience. This is your life, your goals, your journey and your money. We put in the time and effort to develop personal, individual financial plans which provide realistic, achievable solutions for each client.

That’s what makes us the best financial planners—we listen to your goals and needs.

Why Us?

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re really great at this. We can say that because we’ve been around long enough providing financial plans in Pasadena, CA to see clients implement the plans we’ve developed for them. Our financial planning services have stood the test of time, and we’ve repeatedly seen clients succeed.

Let’s Collaborate

Developing a great financial plan has to come from a partnership with the client. Our financial planning advisors work with you to get the details right and to build your confidence that the ultimate plan actually reflects who you are and offers realistic, achievable solutions. If you don’t believe in the plan, you won’t implement the plan, you won’t take the steps we recommend, and the plan won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

By working with you, we will develop a plan which accomplishes your goals and which you will implement with confidence. If you’re on the right path, and if you truly believe you’re on the right path, you will be successful with our financial planning.

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A Financial Planning Process Unique to Your Experience

We all have different attitudes toward money and success. These cannot be reduced to an algorithm. Your dreams are very important to us, and we want to help you pursue them. As a result, no two financial plans are the same.

Each one is built on collaboration to reflect your life, your situation today, and your goals for tomorrow. “We have the best financial planners ready to craft a plan for you. Don’t try to fit your life into a template.”

We believe in taking the time to get to know you. This includes your financial situation, aspirations, and joys which define who you are. Then our financial planning advisors develop a plan with various options to consider. We help you sort through those options, eliminate some, combine others, and develop new ones when needed.

Next, we finalize that into a financial plan which you’ve helped create, reflecting your goals, and who you really are. Finally, we help you implement that plan in all areas, from investment choices, insurance, tax strategies, estate planning, to all the other areas which are necessary to accomplish your goals.

As a result, the financial plan becomes the road map for your journey. With our financial planning services, we circle back as often as is needed to make sure you’re still on track. On any journey, there is a chance to fall off the path a bit.

That’s normal because, as the saying goes, life happens. But if we’re diligent enough, we’ll always have the chance to change course a bit and get back on track.

No Pressure, No Sales Pitch, No Commissions

We don’t sell any product, stock, bond, mutual fund, annuity or insurance policies for a commission. We never accept payments, gifts, or perks from any vendor seeking to sell you something. As a financial planning service provider, we offer 100% objective, fiduciary financial advice focused on what you need.

Some clients just need a specific recommendation in one area. Others need a more holistic and comprehensive plan, as described above. But you, the client, always determine the scope of financial planning services you want. There is never any pressure to pay for services you don’t need.

The bottom line is that we judge our success by your success. If we help you achieve your dreams and goals, we’ve done our best work. We are committed to your success.