The Gamble House


The Gamble House, also known as David B. Gamble House, is one of the most famous American Craftsman homes in the world. It was designed by Greene in 1910. While the current owners are not living in the home, you can still view it on the grounds. Visit the house to see the intricate details of the craftsmanship. This is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing lunch or a romantic dinner. It is located at 4 Westmoreland Pl, Pasadena, CA 91103.

If you are planning a tour of The Gamble House Pasadena CA, don’t forget to bring your own brown bag lunch. The house is available for lunchtime tours on Tuesdays. You can enjoy a delicious lunch on the lawn or terrace. There are two 20-minute docent-led tours offered every Tuesday at noon. You can buy tickets in advance for $8. There are no admission fees for the first tour. Additional info.

The Gamble House Conservancy has a unique tour program. There are several daily tours. On Thursdays and Sundays, you can take part in the “behind the velvet ropes” tour. The “behind the scenes” tour allows you to open closet doors and drawers. You’ll also enjoy light refreshments. The cost for this tour is $40 per person. Reservations are recommended.

The Gamble House was featured on an episode of This Old House in 1987. It was designed as a winter home for David and Mary Gamble. The house has been dubbed the masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Its architecture reflects influences from traditional Japanese aesthetics and California spaciousness. In addition to being an art piece, The Gamble House is an impressive example of modern architecture. It’s not only a beautiful residence but a museum with history.

The Gamble House Pasadena CA is a National Historic Landmark. The Gamble House is a beautifully restored landmark home and a perfect place for a family holiday. Its architecture has a rich history and is a wonderful place to spend your time. The grounds are beautiful and it’s worth a visit. The site’s museum is an incredible opportunity to explore this unique piece of architecture. This article.

The Gamble House is a beautiful Pasadena CA landmark. Located on a grassy knoll, the house is a testament to the genius of Greene and Mather. It’s an American masterpiece and represents the unique lifestyle of the Californians. It was given to the city by the Gamble family in a joint agreement with the University of Southern California. Despite its rustic appearance, the home is decorated with art glass, semi-precious stone, and other modern touches. The blend of man-made and natural materials is a true statement of the Gamble spirit.

The Gamble House Pasadena CA features a variety of rooms, including a master bedroom with a fireplace and an ensuite bathroom shared with the son’s bedroom. The master bedroom also features a built-in wardrobe and walk-in closet. The wardrobe has spring-loaded handles and conceals a hidden compartment in the baseboard for shoes. In addition, the gambling house contains a large, beautifully-designed dining room and kitchen.

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