Old Pasadena


Old Town Pasadena is a vibrant entertainment and shopping district in the heart of the city. A distinctly historic feel is evident in many of the buildings, and the area is filled with art galleries, museums, and entertainment venues. Visitors are able to participate in a variety of events and festivals each year. The area attracts food and wine lovers as well as arts and culture enthusiasts from all over the country. It is located at 1 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105.

The historic district dates back to the mid-1870s, when out-of-state pioneers settled the area. Civic-minded locals kept the city’s history alive. The Pasadena Museum of History is the area’s premier historical preservation institution. This museum is set on the idyllic grounds of a 19th-century estate, and offers a range of exhibits, programs, and activities to enjoy the lovely weather. Next article.

Another historic attraction is the St. Andrew Catholic Church, which is 125 years old. This Gothic-style church has a spire that rivals the one in Rome. Its mural of the Madonna is considered the best mural outside of Rome, and it’s free to view. The artist who painted the murals also painted the beautiful flowers that surround the church. The imposing architecture is a great place to visit for a romantic evening.

The historic area was once the commercial hub of Pasadena. It grew from one of the richest areas of California and was later revitalized. Today, it is home to several art galleries and an archive. It also has a café, a museum shop, and a conference room. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the city’s art scene and culture in the Old Town.

The city’s historical past is reflected in the buildings that make up Old Pasadena. Located at the intersection of St. John and East Pasadena avenues, it is one of the largest and most historic downtown districts in the United States. There are many museums and parks to explore in Old Pasadena, including the USC Pacific Asia Museum. While the area is historic and has an enchanting atmosphere, it is a popular destination for tourists.

The city is famous for its historic buildings. While the area has a vibrant downtown, it has a unique character. It is a great place to visit for its art and culture. You’ll find a wide variety of shops and restaurants in the area, as well as a historic train station. And you’ll find some of the most unique architecture in the city here. Aside from the historic buildings, Old Town Pasadena also has a thriving business district. Click for more info.

One Colorado MarketPlace is the largest development project in Old Pasadena. The city’s main business district is One Colorado MarketPlace. A mall, movie theaters, and up-market restaurants line the streets. The neighborhood also features outdoor cafes and pubs. Its vibrant nightlife is a great place to spend the evening. The majority of buildings in Old Pasadena are office buildings, so businesses have upper floors that are dedicated to housing.

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