Jet Propulsion Laboratory


The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a federally funded research center and NASA field center located at 4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109. Visitors can learn more about rocket science and space exploration at this place. Alternatively, you can visit the facility by taking a day trip from Los Angeles. It’s not far from the Californian city of La Canada Flintridge. If you’re looking for a place to spend your day, the Jet Lab may be a great option.

The JPL is open seven days a week. The museum is free, but visitors must be 21 years or older to visit. You’ll need a government-issued photo identification to enter. For U.S. citizens, you must present your driver’s license or passport. Non-U.S. citizens need to present a resident visa. You can find out more about JPL by visiting the site’s website.

The JPL Public Services Office offers free tours of the facility, but reservations are needed. While a tour will normally include a video entitled “Journey to the Planets and Beyond,” you can also visit the von Karman Visitor Center and Spacecraft Assembly Facility. Afterward, you can tour the Deep Space Network. You’ll find out more about the technology used to develop the spacecraft. You’ll be able to see how it was done. Next article.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is an important location in the history of aerospace. It has aided the motion picture and television industries as well. The science fiction shows Crusade and Babylon 5 have taken their advice from the JPL. The JPL is a federally funded research center operated by the Department of Defense and managed by Caltech. Its FY2012 budget was slightly over $1.55 billion, with approximately 5% going to Earth Science and Technology research and development.

The JPL is the only place in the world where humans can study the moon and other bodies in the solar system. The laboratory also has a large space telescope and has developed several robotic probes. Those mission teams use the JPL to study the moon and other planets. It is home to some of the world’s most famous scientists. Its mission is to send astronauts to the moon and to the sun, where they spend the next two billion years of their lives. Learn more.

The JPL has been recognized by the Space Foundation four times. Its efforts have been instrumental in making the Moon possible. In 1958, JPL was transferred to NASA and became the primary center for planetary spacecraft research. The team was tasked with developing a new technology for Mars. By 1969, the team had created the first robotic rover for the surface of Mars. It was later assigned to manage the Corporal guided missile in the 1960s.

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