Greystone Mansion


The Greystone Mansion is one of the best-known Tudor Revival mansions in the Hollywood Hills. Located in the Trousdale Estates, the property is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. Featuring an elegant Tudor style exterior, the residence features a grand interior and a private courtyard with fountain. There are also two guesthouses in the neighborhood. The Greystone Mansion is a great place to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one. You can visit this marvelous mansion at 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Visitors to Greystone Mansion will be impressed by its elegant and timeless style. The mansion is an ideal venue for a high-profile play, The Lady and the Peacock. Developed by Kathrine Bates and directed by Beverly Olevin, The Manor fictionalizes the Doheny family, their relationship with the Teapot Dome scandal, and their murder. The play is produced by Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills, and has been performed at Greystone since 2002. Browse next article.

The historic mansion was first owned by Edward Laurence Doheny, who moved to Beverly Hills in the 1880s. He came from a modest background and began his career as a mining engineer. He eventually became a millionaire and became one of the first oil producers in Los Angeles. His company, P.J. Walker Company, went on to discover oil deposits in Mexico, making the property one of the biggest producers of the mineral.

Despite being one of Beverly Hills’ most famous landmarks, the home has a dark and tragic history. In 1928, the son of a wealthy oil baron, the estate was renovated to build a luxurious estate. The family enjoyed lavish amenities at the house and its grounds. Hugh Plunket, the film director, leased the property and its grounds to the American Film Institute. In 1965, the mansion was leased to the American Film Institute. The home has a formal garden, a swimming pool, and an inner courtyard.

The family was notorious for their scandals, murders, and corruption. The mansion, once a secluded estate, is now owned by the city of Beverly Hills. Until 1982, the property was leased to the American Film Institute for film shoots and cocktail parties. The estate was closed to the public, but it still retains its historic importance. The mansion is an excellent choice for visiting the renowned location in the Hollywood area. Learn more.

This historic mansion is now a museum. The museum has been open for public tours since 1974. The owner’s estate has been declared a National Historic Landmark for over 30 years. The building is a prime location for filming, with plenty of space for films and TV shows. It is worth the trip for the architectural beauty and style of the home. However, you might want to take a few photos of the mansion for your home.

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