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Value of Fee-Only Advice

After being in the business for a while now, I have found that most people really don’t know what we do. Of course, our clients know, because they see it on an on-going basis, but does the general public really know the value that we add? Let’s take a step back… Most of us are familiar with the traditional relationship with a stockbroker. He/she would call you about some “hot new stock” or tell you to “buy this!” or “sell that!”. That is NOT what where the business is today and it certainly is not what First Financial stands for. First Financial has committed to giving 100% fee-only objective advice. Which means we don’t push any product, we are never selling clients anything, we simply receive an agreed upon fee for the advice that we give. There are thousands of firms out there that do this very same thing and have committed to upholding the highest of standards when it comes to giving financial advice. Which leaves us with a question. How in the world do we differentiate ourselves? The answer is this. Yes, we can help you decide if you can buy that new house, figure out when you can retire, or manage your investment assets, but we believe that a relationship with a financial advisor is so much more than that. Every single fee-only firm should be doing the exact same thing. What separates us is our ability to let our personalities shine through. Clients should genuinely enjoy being around us. The enjoyment of each other’s company first leads to a greater sense of trust and then ultimately to a highly successful relationship. In our opinion, trust and comfortability are the two most important things. We could give the BEST advice possible, but if you don’t feel comfortable with us, why in the world would you listen or better yet, why would you act on that advice. Here at First Financial Consulting, we aren’t trying to push you to do anything that isn’t right for you. We truly want what’s best for you. That’s why we’re so adamant about building incredibly strong relationships with our clients that will result in long-lasting and successful relationships. You deserve an advisor who will walk through life with you. That’s what we do with our clients, and we would love to do that with you, too.
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Ready to Talk?

Let’s schedule a time to learn about your needs and retirement plans.


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Understanding Annuities

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