Our Financial Planning Approach

Financial Planning Approach

First Financial Consulting is a “fee-only” investment consulting firm located in Pasadena, California. As a fee-only investment consulting firm, we never sell any products and we don’t affiliate ourselves with any outside vendors. We work in many different areas to help our clients, but one of the key ways we provide a benefit to our clients is through our financial planning approach.

Our Financial Planning Approach

We specialize in creating holistic, comprehensive financial plans focused on anything from cash flow needs, college planning, taxes, insurance, retirement planning, investing, and much, much more. We also recognize the fact that there are some people who need a more focused financial plan on just one area of their finances. The reality is that we can do as little or as much as what makes sense for your unique situation. We never approach financial planning with the goal of putting you in a canned program or selling you financial products. Our financial planning approach is based on your individual needs, goals, and dreams.

We also believe that developing a great financial plan has to come from a partnership with the client. We work with you to get the details right and to build your confidence. Our ultimate goal is to build a financial plan that actually reflects who you are and that offers realistic, achievable solutions. If you don’t believe in the plan, you won’t implement the plan and take the steps we recommend. In this case, the plan won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

By working with you, we will develop a plan which accomplishes your goals and which you will implement with confidence. If you’re on the right path, and if you truly believe you’re on the right path, you will be successful.

Why Clients Engage Our Services

Clients generally engage our services for two main reasons:

  1. To provide greater clarity and confidence in their financial journey
  2. To provide objective advice – free from any conflict of interest

First Financial Consulting has enjoyed a long history of providing our clients with objective, fee-only financial advice. In keeping with our standard to provide objective advice to the client, we never sell any products, never accept commissions, and always act in your best interests. In short, we succeed when you succeed – it’s that simple! If we can be of any service when it comes to your financial planning, feel free to give us a call.

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Let’s schedule a time to learn about your needs and retirement plans.

Ready to Talk?

Let’s schedule a time to learn about your needs and retirement plans.


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