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Bench Talk: Brewing The Perfect Financial Plan

For today’s Bench Talk I’m going to be talking about beer and financial plans. I know what you’re thinking, those two things don’t go together. But, the similarities may surprise you. As an avid home brewer I’ve spent countless hours trying to perfect different recipes. However, the process as a whole is actually quite simple and requires only four ingredients. You have water, grain, hops and yeast. From those we can produce hundreds of different beer styles with different colors, smells and flavors.

When creating a financial plan you only have a few main ingredients as well. Everyone has assets, income, and living expenses but everyone’s financial picture looks quite different. Just like with beer only a few ingredients can create many different outcomes. It is the craft of the brewer or the financial planner to then take those different ingredients and mold them into something special.

When it does comes time for your financial plan you’ll be glad to know that someone has thoroughly reviewed your financial ingredients and custom brewed a plan for financial success. Cheers.