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First Financial Helping in the Classroom

First Financial Helping In The Classroom

First Financial Consulting is joining with News In Education to help students in the San Gabriel Valley improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.  As our own Scott Sommers pointed out, “the 21st century will demand more than ever before that young adults come out of our schools with a strong ability to read, understand what they’ve read and apply critical thinking skills to determine how they’ll tackle personal, career and community issues.”

News In Education is a nationwide program, started in 1966, under which newspapers are donated to schools to act as a supplement to textbooks and other teaching materials.  The need for a program like this has never been greater.  Scott (a teacher at Pasadena’s Maranatha High School) points to a NAAF study which found that students who use newspapers as a supplement to textbooks learn to read with greater comprehension, develop a more practical approach to critical thinking, and score 10% better on standardized tests.

First Financial is proud to participate in this great program, but prouder still of its rich history of community involvement through organizations like News In Education.